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Legacy Information and Policies

A legacy is (typically) a potential new member who is the sister, daughter, or granddaughter of an alumnae sorority member. Being a legacy does NOT guarantee membership into a sorority. Legacy status can be indicated when registering online. Please have the alumnae member send a legacy introduction form and letter of recommendation directly to her sorority, as sororities will need to verify the information you list. Below is what each chapter considers a legacy. 


Alpha Chi Omega: Direct bloodline i.e. only mothers, grandmothers or sisters would apply as legacies and Courtesy Legacies, these women are related to alumni and current members by being an aunt, cousin or great aunt.

Chi Omega: Daughter or sister of a Chi Omega.

Delta Gamma: The daughter, granddaughter, great granddaughter or sister (inclusion of step-relations for all) of an initiated member. Legacies within Delta Gamma will still be celebrated but they will no longer receive preferential treatment as a potential new member. Until they become a Delta Gamma new member by the chapter’s choice, they are equal to all other potential new members.

Delta Zeta: Grandmother, mother, or sister.

Phi Mu: Direct blood relationship (sister, mom, grandmother, great grandmother)

Zeta Tau Alpha: Mother, sister, grandmother, or aunt have to have been affiliated with the chapter and been granted alumni status.

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