Vice President of Recruitment

Katy Turner


Organizational Leadership and Supervision

Why did you want to join Panhellenic Exec: 

I joined Panhellenic exec because I wanted to make a difference in the Panhellenic community at UH! I wanted to make new friends and connections outside of my chapter and council. I can't wait for all the new experiences and opportunities that will come my way through this position!

Vice President of Finance

Valerie Craff


Supply Chain Management 

Why did you join Panhellenic Exec: I wanted to join Panhellenic exec to strengthen the relationship between Panhellenic EC and all of the chapters and get to know women outside of my chapter. 

Assistant Vice President of Recruitment

Abbie Lindsay


Public Relations

Why did you want join Panhellenic Exec: I wanted to join because I love being involved in the recruitment process and I wanted to help improve the experience even more this year! I wanted to have the opportunity to serve our Panhellenic community and do my part to highlight all the amazing things women in our community are doing on the social media platforms!

Vice President of Special Operations

Mindy Mayden



Why did you want to join Panhellenic Exec: I wanted to join Panhellenic Exec, and be involved in recruitment specifically, because I want to help make Panhellenic recruitment an inviting and exciting process for all women! I love the sisters I have made both in my sorority and in all the Panhellenic organizations, and I can't wait to help women find their homes as I have found mine.

Vice President of Programming

Marleny Argueta 



Why did you want to join Panhellenic exec: I wanted to join Panhellenic Exec as VP of Programming because I wanted to be able to put on programs that empower the women within our community and bring awareness to important issues. 

Vice President of Academics

Ashley Johnson 


Elementary Education

Why did you want to join Panhellenic Exec: I wanted to join the Houston Panhellenic Counsel to increase the bond between sisters of all Panhellenic sororities. I hope to break down the stereotypes and show that sorority woman can be smart, beautiful, and diverse. As a future teacher, I want to encourage our Panhellenic woman to strive their hardest in school because they can succeed.  

Vice President of Administration 

America Espinosa


Human Resources 

Why did you join Panhellenic Exec: I joined Panhellenic exec to be able to help improve and support the Panhellenic community through new projects that benefit all Panhellenic women. I want the Panhellenic Executive Council to strive to unite all sorority women and strengthen the values of our community.