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When is Fall Recruitment and will I need to come to the university before classes begin?
Although dates for recruitment change year to year, they always fall in the early weeks of the semester and do not require you to come on campus before the 1st day of class.

Do I need to send a copy of my high school or college transcript?
You do not need to send in a copy of your transcript we will be using the transcript you have on file with the University of Houston as of August 1st. For women whom have already completed at least a semester at the University of Houston your GPA will be based on what appears in PeopleSoft

What is the GPA requirement to go through recruitment?

There is no GPA requirement to go through Formal Recruitment at the University of Houston, but each chapter has a GPA requirement to join. Please see each chapter's page for more information.


Does it matter what my classification/year is to go through recruitment?
No, we encourage every women to go through recruitment when they think is right for them. Nearly 50% of women were upperclassmen (sophomore of higher) in past years. However, we do highly encourage women to go through as soon as possible so that they may receive the full benefits of the sorority experience.

Do I have to live on campus to be in a sorority?
No, it is not necessary to live on campus in order to be in a sorority. However, many of our chapter's bylaws require that members live in the house for at least 1 year. The housing is convenient and beneficial as a student at the University of Houston. If you would like more information about Greek Housing please visit the Student Housing and Residential Life Website.

How much time does a sorority take?
This depends on how much time you choose to put into your organization. Every chapter has certain mandatory events such as weekly meetings, community service once a semester, etc. but they also have many optional events. Keep in mind many women in each sorority are juggling classes, work, internships etc. and will be there to help you learn how to do the same.

How long will it take to be initiated?

Most chapters have moved to a period which takes from six to eight weeks.  The new member period affords opportunities to meet other members, learn sorority history and feel at home in the chapter.  Each chapter has its own program and dates.

How much money does a sorority cost?
Each sorority varies in price per semester due to the different things included in a members dues. The dues for New Members range from $813.15- $1,200 and for Actives range from $451-$950. These dues help pay for activities, formals, philanthropies, retreats and more depending on the chapter. Some organization discount dues slightly for women who choose to live in the chapter house.


Almost all of the women in the Houston Panhellenic Council community work to pay for their dues or other expenses. All of our chapters work with members to set up payment plans if and when needed. Additionally, there are various scholarships available to help sorority women cover expenses while they are working to earn their degree.

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