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Pre-recruitment events, Rounds and Suggested Attire

Pre-recruitment Events: 
Letters Day Out: Thursday, August 24th (12:00pm - 3:00pm)
Letters Day Out is an event that allows all potential new members (PNMs) to meet and mingle with all of our 6 Panhellenic chapters before formal recruitment begins. 
Location: Lynn Eusan Park 

Attire: Casual 

nhellenic Open House: August 29th (6:00pm - 8:00pm) 
Panhellenic Open House is an event that allows all potential new members (PNMs) to visit each chapter house and meet women before the official recruitment process begins. Women will be led by a Recruitment Counselor around all 6 houses and will get the chance to have any recruitment questions answered. RSVP here:
Location: Bayou Oaks 
Attire: Casual 

Recruitment Rounds: 
Recruitment Orientation: Thursday, August 31st, Tuesday, September 5th & Wednesday, September 6th

Recruitment Orientation is a required meeting for all potential new members (PNMs) and serves to educate women on the Recruitment process.  It is also the time where potential new members will meet their Recruitment Counselors and the Panhellenic Recruitment Team, who will guide them through the Recruitment process.  Although three dates are listed
, you are only required to attend one. 
Location: Student Center South
Attire: Casual

Round 1- Sisterhood Days  1 & 2: Thursday, September 7th & Friday, September 8th  (4:00pm-9:00pm) 
Women will have a chance to meet with members from all 6 Panhellenic Chapters. Women will be able to ask questions regarding involvement and sorority life in general. 
Location: Student Center South
Attire: Provided Sisterhood shirt and cute bottoms (no sweatpants or leggings). Feel free to show your style!

Round 3- Philanthropy Day: Saturday, September 9th (9:30am-9:00pm)
Women will have the opportunity to return to a maximum of 4 chapters from the previous days and will learn about Philanthropic work. 
Location: Student Center South 
Attire: Sun dress/dress pants or skirt with wedges/heels or flats

Round 4- Preference Round: Sunday, September 10th (8:00am-2:00
Women will have the opportunity to return  up to a maximum of 2 chapters  from the previous day for one hour events. Preference ceremonies are an intimate way to learn about the history and meaning behind the sisterhood of each particular sorority. 
Location: Student Center South 
Attire: Cocktail/formal dress or dress pants with heels or wedges/heels or flats

Bid Day: Sunday, Septe
mber 10th (7:00pm-when chapter ends bid day)
Bid Day is the most exciting day for both new members and chapter members. Bids will be handed out inside the Student Center South Houston Room and Recruitment Counselors will reveal their chapter affiliations. New members will then open their bids at the same time and travel to meet with their new sorority. Bid Day celebrations will take place at Bayou Oaks with their chapter house.
Location: Student Center/Bayou Oaks
Attire: Casual attire with shorts, t-shirts, tank top and casual shoes

Still need help selecting your attire? DM us on our instagram for any questions/suggestions @uhpanhellenic
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