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Recommendation Letters 

What is a letter of recommendation? 

A recommendation is a personal letter of reference written by an alumnae member of a sorority to introduce a potential new member to her sorority. In the recommendation, the alumnae will write about your activities and talents so the sorority can get acquainted with you before recruitment begins.  


Do I have to have letters of recommendation to go through recruitment? 

Recommendation letters are not required to go through recruitment, but they are helpful in the recruitment process. Each year there are women who join chapters without securing any letters of recommendation prior to recruitment.  


We encourage you to register with your local Panhellenic Council. They can help you with the letters and our chapters find it very beneficial. The best way to find your local Panhellenic Council is to Google your hometown and then Panhellenic Council. For example: if you're from Kingwood, TX then you would Google "Kingwood, TX Panhellenic Council"

What should be included in the letter? 

You should provide the alumnae writing the letter with the following: 

  1. A resume. Create a resume or use the one you created for college applications that includes your activities and interests. The alumnae will use it to personalize your letter and will forward it to the sorority.

  2. A transcript. It can be an unofficial copy. Remember to mark out your social security number, as chapters do not need this information for any reason.

  3. A picture. Make sure it is a picture of just you so the sororities can identify you. A senior picture or something similar will work.

  4. A stamped, addressed envelope. Include an envelope already addressed to the chapter so the alumnae can mail it directly to the sorority. Bigger, heavier envelopes may require more postage so make sure you provide enough.

  5. A thank-you note. It is nice to send this to the alumnae writing the letter to show your appreciation for the effort she is making to help you. 

When is the last day to submit Letters of Recommendation?

The last day to mail in a Letter of Recommendation is September 1st. 

If you would like to provide the chapters with recommendation letters before the deadline, please mail or submit them electronically using the following information:

(Updated 7/2021)

Alpha Chi Omega

Jennifer Zuber-Garrison

P.O. Box 920839

Houston, TX 77292

Chi Omega

720 Bayland Ave

Houston, TX 77009

Delta Gamma

Delta Gamma EVC

5063 Calhoun Rd, Houston, TX 77004

Townhouse #4



Delta Zeta

Catherine Watkins
1731 Redwing Ridge Drive
Houston, TX 77009

Phi Mu

Isabella  Vallejo

2950 Old Spanish Trail, Unit 366

Houston, TX 77054



Zeta Tau Alpha

Lauren Evenson Stratton
109 W 10th St
Houston, TX 77008

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Panhellenic. You can reach Adrianna Springett, Panhellenic's Vice President of Recruitment at

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